Natural Gas and Trading Programme (Simulated Trading Based)

For those seeking an introduction to the traded markets, ICE Education will be running the - Natural Gas & Trading Programme - an entry level non-assessed trading course.

The course offers delegates the opportunity to obtain an overview of the Gas markets as well as learn and put into practice essential trading techniques (see video overview of simulator used in course).

There will be a 3 stage delivery format - education, trading and then review.
Over the three days, delegates will experience individual simulations covering flat price trading, time and geographical spreads trading and asset optimisation.

The course concludes with the Gas Trading end game, where delegates have the opportunity to demonstrate all of the techniques previously covered. They will be expected to spot opportunities and act upon them decisively, manage all elements of their risk, manage a power station and optimise the return through physical and paper trading. All the time remaining within the position limits set by the team, just like a real Trader.

All delegates will be subject to continuous mentoring and coaching throughout the three days.

Course Information

Price £2,750 + VAT
Duration 3 days
Location London
Available Dates
Dec 07 2021  Register Now

Who Should Attend

  • If your work is affected by the changes to the price of energy

  • Energy industry staff working in supply, trading risk management, storage, finance, transportation and E&P

  • Energy trading and distribution companies

  • Energy-related government departments

  • Purchasing, planning and finance departments in major energy consumers

  • Energy publications

  • Bankers, accountants, auditors and others associated with energy companies and energy project financing

Booking Information

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7065 7706

Course Content

The Approach

  • Education - An experienced Book Leader/Trading Manager from the team will deliver a lecture on a specific concept.

  • Trading - After the lecture, the delegates will move to a trading desk where they will use the sophisticated trading simulator, 'Ignite' to demonstrate their understanding of the concept introduced. 'Ignite' is used to enhance learning through practical hands on experience and runs Gas & Power simulations varying in length from 30mins to 2 hours.

  • Review - When the trading simulation is complete, the course team will then walk through the simulation describing the price curve, specific market dynamics and reinforce important learning points.

Day 1:


  • What forwards, futures, swaps and options are
  • The difference between each derivative
  • How they are used in European gas markets

Trading Best Practice

  • Different types of risk
  • How risk is measured
  • How risk can be managed successfully by a trader

Time Spreads

  • What a forward curve is
  • Different types of market structure and what they signify
  • How traders use time spreads

Day 2:

Pricing Exposures

  • How natural gas is priced
  • The natural exposures that lie in an natural gas book (gas vs gas and gas vs oil)
  • How to trade inter-market relationships


  • What geographical arbitrage is
  • Considerations when transporting natural gas
  • How to optimise a pipeline effectively


  • Managing price risks associated with long term contracts
  • What dirty hedging is
  • Difference between arbitrage and unwinding hedges

Day 3:


  • Why storage is valuable
  • Costs associated with storage
  • How storage can be optimised

Team Dynamics

  • How to extract value from a physical natural gas portfolio
  • Why speedy evaluation of opportunities is critical
  • Why teamwork is important