Introduction to Commodity Futures & Options

This is a one-day entry-level course aimed at delegates with little or no existing knowledge of derivatives. The morning session focuses upon futures with the afternoon session focussed upon options.

Course Information

Price £750.0 + VAT
Duration 1 day
Location London
Available Dates
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Who Should Attend

  • New traders and brokers
  • New entrants to the futures and options markets
  • Support and operations people involved in the commodity markets
  • Sales and marketing personnel
  • Individuals working in organisations such as: trading companies, banks, brokers, commodity producers, consumers, refiners, distribution companies, government and associated organisations.

Booking Information

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7065 7706

Course Content


  • Definition of derivatives
  • Types of derivative
  • Derivatives evolution
  • Derivatives exchanges
  • Underlying asset class variations
  • Definition of futures
  • Key features of futures
  • Futures contract specifications
  • Key language; long and short
  • Using futures; hedging and speculation
  • Real world; futures trading screens
  • The Clearing House
  • Delivery and settlement
  • Futures pricing
  • The basis spread
  • Carry (contango) and backwardation
  • Futures spread trading
  • Volume and Open Interest
  • Key trading terminology


  • Option basics; calls and puts
  • Everyday examples of calls and puts
  • Definitions of calls and puts
  • Option contract specifications
  • Options evolution
  • Exercise and assignment
  • Using options; hedging and speculation
  • Hedging with futures vs hedging with options
  • Key option terminology; at/in/out of the money
  • Option pricing and volatility
  • Basic option strategy
  • Option resources and glossary (in manual)
  • Q&A Session