Emissions Market and Trading Programme

ICE Futures Europe regularly offers an intense training course that will provide participants with comprehensive knowledge of the major carbon emissions trading markets. The seminar focuses on the practicalities of carbon trading, i.e. what carbon is and how it is traded, but will also provide participants with an understanding of the regulatory framework underpinning the market. The goal is to deliver the broad picture of how carbon trading functions to professionals with various backgrounds. The course takes an in-depth look at the goals of emissions trading, the features of emissions markets, potential price implications of market news, organisations within the market, and the trading tools available.

Course Information

Price £1,595 + VAT
Duration 2 days
Location London
Available Dates

Who Should Attend

  • New or experienced emissions, oil, gas, power and coal traders or brokers
  • Technical and financial staff in companies with an emissions exposure
  • Managers with responsibility for trading desks
  • Senior managers, lawyers, accountants and auditors who need to understand compliance with emissions regulations.

Booking Information

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7065 7706

Course Content

Introduction to Emissions Trading

  • About climate change
  • UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol
  • Principles of Emissions Trading

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme

  • Rules and procedures
  • Phase III vs Phase II

Price drivers in the EU ETS

  • Supply & demand
  • Correlations with other energy commodities
  • Regulatory & political factors
  • Weather and macro-economic factors

Reforms in the EU ETS

Types of trade:

  • Spot, Forward & Futures
  • Using futures to hedge a power company's compliance exposure
  • Participating in the auctions

  • Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation
  • Voluntary carbon markets
  • Carbon price analyses

The EU ETS Price history

  • Backwardation in Phase I
  • Phase I price crash
  • Uncertainty over CER's

Bull or Bear?

  • Evaluating analysts' reports on the carbon price

The course will feature presentation with PowerPoint, group exercises, Q&A and will include several case studies.