Euro Natural Gas Trader Program - Simulation Based: VIRTUAL DELIVERY

ICE Education and Two Two Five bring their expertise in the physical and derivative European natural gas markets and electronic trading to bring to you this innovative program that utilises a revolutionary trading simulator that ensures practical hands on experience of 'real market scenarios' in a unique learning experience delivered as 8-interactive modules over 4 days. This course will run as 2 X 2 days with a break mid week. Each module features three elements:

1. An interactive 1-hour Pre-Read that introduces the trading concept
2. A Live Session featuring sophisticated TRADING SIMULATIONS streamed for 2x2 hours per day: 10am - 12noon and 2pm - 4pm (London time) each day for 4 days.(Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday)
3. A Knowledge Check
You will receive coaching from an expert former trader, and access to the unique physical trading simulator for the full duration of the course.

Course Information

Price £2,500 + VAT
Duration 4 days
Location Virtual: EMEA/Asian Time Zone
Available Dates
Dec 06 2021  Register Now

Who Should Attend

  • If your work is affected by the changes to the international price of oil
  • oil industry staff working supply, trading risk management, refining, finance, transportation and E&P
  • Oil trading and distribution companies
  • Energy-related government departments
  • Purchasing, planning and finance departments in major energy consumers
  • Energy publications
  • Bankers, accountants, auditors and others associated with oil companies and oil financing.

Booking Information

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7065 7706

Course Content

Day 1:

- Derivatives:

The current supply & demand situation, the difference between forwards, futures, swaps and options and how they are used in the nat gas markets. SIMULATION: Derivatives tutorial

- Trading Best Practice:

The various types of risk, how risk is measured and successfully managed by a trader. SIMULATION: TTF flat price

Day 2:

- Time Spreads:

What a forward curve is, the different types of market structure and how traders use time spreads. SIMULATION: TTF time spreads

- Cargo Price Exposures:

How nat gas is priced, the natural exposures that lie in a nat gas book and how to trade inter-market relationships (gas vs gas & gas vs oil). SIMULATION: Cross commodity trading

Day 3:

- Trading Opportunities:

What geographical arbitrage is, the economics that need to be considered when transporting gas and how to optimise a pipeline. SIMULATION: Transport optimisation

- Price Risk Management:

Price risks associated with long term contracts, what imperfect hedging is and the difference between margin and unwinding hedges. SIMULATION: Hedging tutorials

Day 4:

- Storage:

Why storage is valuable. Costs associated with storage. How storage can be optimised SIMULATION: Storage optimisation

- Team Dynamics:

How a trader can make money from a physical nat gas portfolio including the importance of evaluating opportunities quickly, hedging appropriately and why teamwork is important. SIMULATION: Portfolio optimisation