ESG, Green and Sustainable Investing: VIRTUAL DELIVERY

This one day programme is a comprehensive introduction to ESG investing and sustainable finance. It covers both the main ESG portfolio approaches along with the most popular sustainable and green product offerings. It concludes with a session on carbon finance and carbon pricing.

Course Objectives
- Introduce participants to this important and increasingly popular approach to investing
- Develop participants understanding of ESG analysis and how it can be integrated into traditional financial analysis
- Help participants to differentiate between the various ESG portfolio methodologies and approaches
- Develop participants understanding of green and sustainable products
- Introduce participants to the different carbon pricing and carbon trading systems

This virtual course is one of the ICE Education LIVE programs. We provide three phases to the course:
1. Pre-course: Access to the ICE Education learning platform for on-demand primer content.
2. Live Virtual Sessions: Trainer led live video sessions (as per the outline below). These are short focused sessions with practical activity and interaction throughout.
3. Post-course: On-demand content remains available and an optional live video clinic session is scheduled for one week post course for any learning points you'd like to revisit.
All course payments must be received one day prior to the start date

Course Information

Price £895 + VAT
Duration 1 day
Location Virtual: EMEA Time Zone
Available Dates

Who Should Attend

We would recommend the following:

  • Asset Allocators/Portfolio Strategists
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Sustainability Analysts
  • ESG Speciaists
  • Product Developers
  • Marketing and Distribution Professionals
  • Private Bankers/Wealth Managers
  • Equity and Fixed Income Analysts focused on ESG and Sustainability
  • Board Directors
  • Governance and Stewardship Specialists
  • Family Office Managers

Booking Information

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7065 7706

Course Content

Session 1: Introduction to ESG and Sustainable Investing

  • A historical overview of socially responsible investing
  • Social purpose, sustainability and purposeful capitalism
  • Differentiating between socially focused investing, governance focused investing and environment focused investing
  • The size and growth of the ESG and SRI marketplace
  • Global ESG assets by type of exposure
  • Stimulants and catalysts behind the growth of ESG and SRI investing
  • Why the ESG market is poised for further growth
  • ESG megatrends and what they mean for the future of investing

Case Study: ESG and Responsible Investing Megatrends

Session 2: ESG Research, Analysis and Portfolio Strategies

  • Incorporating ESG into traditional financial analysis
  • Making adjustments to financial model assumptions
  • Adjustments to valuation model inputs
  • ESG factors and the impact on company financial performance
  • ESG factors and the impact on security valuation
  • Analysing the impacts on equities, fixed income and alternative asset classes
  • What are the dominant ESG portfolio strategies?
  • What differentiates the various strategies from each other?
  • Negative and exclusionary screening
  • Positive best-in-class screening
  • ESG integration
  • Impact investing
  • ESG engagement and activism

Case Study: Integrating ESG into Investment Processes

Session 3: Sustainable and Green Products

  • What is sustainable finance?
  • Differentiating between green finance and sustainable finance
  • Overview of the features, benefits and applications of the following products:

o Green bonds

o Climate bonds

o Sustainable bonds

o Sustainable loans

o Social bonds

Session 4: Carbon Finance, Carbon Pricing and Carbon Trading Systems

  • Carbon pricing as the weapon of choice in the climate fight
  • Net zero and the race to the top
  • The challenges of putting a price on carbon
  • Carbon taxes Vs emissions trading systems
  • The role of internal carbon prices
  • How emissions trading systems work
  • The role of carbon permits and achieving the right supply/demand balance
  • The EU carbon market
  • The Chinese emissions trading market
  • Achieving the correct carbon price
  • The goal of achieving a global price for carbon
  • Carbon border tax policies as a weapon
  • The link between weak carbon policies and global competitiveness

Case Study: Carbon Pricing and Emissions Trading Systems